Dance Dimensions Travel Guidelines for



Dear Dance Families,


THANK YOU for being an amazing group of families. Many of you have been very honest with me in regards to keeping your dancer(s) home if they are under the weather or if they have tested positive or were in close contact with someone. This is all so hard to navigate and together we are all doing a great job.


As Connecticut's restrictions loosen I want to be clear that the studio will continue to keep all current protocol and guidelines in place. This has for the most part kept us all safe so lets keep it up. Our waiting room is still closed, everyone is still required to wear a mask, temperatures will still be taken and health forms collected, we are not increasing class sizes, dancers remain in boxes and still at 6 feet apart, any dancer who has been exposed, or who tests positive, must still quarantine per the guidance of the Department of Health or Contact Tracers. So again we are keeping everything as is.


With Connecticut's travel restrictions changing, I want to make everyone aware of the Dance Dimensions guidelines and requirements when staff/dancers return home before the staff/dancer(s) may return to class.


After traveling anywhere outside of CT, staff/dancers must:

  • Quarantine at home for 10 days. You may request a zoom link. Please be sure to make your request before 3PM each day.

  • After travel staff/dancers may test by a molecular or PCR test on or after day 5. If report is negative then dancer may return. Please provide Miss Dody with an emailed copy of test result.

  • Staff/dancers do not need to quarantine after travel if they tested positive within the last 90 days.

  • If staff/dancer is fully vaccinated, they do not need to quarantine.


Any questions please contact Miss Dody at


Thank you,

Miss Dody

Dance Dimensions

Covid-19 policies


Dear Dance Dimensions Families,


It will be a different season than we are all use to. We are following all State of CT and CDC guidelines very strictly. Our Staff, Dancers and ALL family’s health and safety our top priority. Please read the following very carefully:


  • ALL DANCERS and STAFF will wear masks at ALL TIMES.

Parents please be sure masks fit your dancer properly. Masks

must cover and stay on dancer’s nose, and completely cover

their mouth to under their chin.

*Dancers taking back-to-back classes should consider bringing an extra

mask if they feel they need to change it between classes.     

    ~    Levels 1-6: We have the waiting area being used as a “take a mask

break” area for a dancer that may need a mask break. There are 4

chairs that will be cleaned thoroughly between each use, that are 7

feet apart. If we feel a dancer needs a break or asks for one and if

there is a chair available, they will be allowed use it. Dancers who take

back to back classes will be allowed, weather permitting, to take a

break outside remaining 6’ apart.


    ~    Dancing Darling classes – the dancers do not need a mask if they are too little to keep one on. All adults will always wear masks.

    ~    Pre Dance, Basic Dance and Combination classes – All dancers are required to wear a mask at all times. If the instructor feels a break is needed dancers will then sit in the middle of their dance square (which are between 6’ and 7’ apart) and take a mask break.


        ALL dance rooms are well ventilated as well as have air purifiers

now in them.


  • Drop off: 

       - Dancing Darlings & Dudes classes - only dancer, and one adult

         may attend class.

       - all Pre Dance, Basic Dance, Combination classes, and Levels 1 to   

         6 will be dropped off at the front door. All Dancers are required to           hand in a health form (See website) each day as well as

         a temperature check will be done.




LOT. Many dancers will be dropped off this season and may need to cross the parking lot.




   ~       Level 1-6 Dancers – parents please enter the parking lot from the

Federal Road entrance so you can pull right up to the sidewalk to let

your dance off. Dancers will need to maintain social distance of 6’ by

standing on the marks on the sidewalk. Parents will then proceed to

the side parking area (next to the dentist office) for a minute or two so

if we need to call you back for a health form or if a temperature is too

high you can come back immediately.


   ~       All other dancers need to be walked to the sidewalk and wait to hand in their health form as well as get their temperature checked. Parents please park in a parking spot located in the front or on either side of the building.


HEALTH FORMS CAN BE DOWNLOADED FROM THE WEBSITE they must be handed in email is not accepted. 


Please DO NOT send your dancer to class if they or a family member has any of the following:

Fever (100.4° F/37.8° C or greater as measured by an oral thermometer)


Shortness of breath or difficulty breathing

Sore throat

New loss of taste or smell


 Head or muscle aches

Nausea, diarrhea, vomiting

  If dancer or family member has been exposed

If dancer or family member has traveled to a hotspot state found on the

CT list of Covid-19 hotspot states.


If a dancer cannot attend for any of the above reason, please notify Miss

Dody IMMEDIATELY. A zoom class can be set up for the dancer so they

can attend class virtually.


If there is an exposure in the studio it will be kept confidential and we will follow the State of CT guidance on procedure to notify others.


If there is a spike in overall town/city numbers that I feel warrants closing the studio for a time period families will be notified and we will immediately go to zoom classes until it is safe to return. There are no refunds for missed classes, even in the event of a shut down. We expect ALL families to participate on zoom and pay full tuition. Please remember I am a small business that will still have rent/ utilities and payroll to pay if we go to virtual learning.


  • Upon entering the studio:

Be sure to arrive on time. Class times listed are the time class begins.

Please arrive no earlier than 10 minutes before class.


ALL DANCERS MUST come to class dressed to dance in the appropriate

attire, hair done correctly and shoes. Please visit the website for dress

code and hair clarification. The dressing room is closed for the season.


Dancers will be directed to their “dance box” where they will remain for the class. Each box is between 6’ – 7.5’ which is required for our business. Dancers will have assigned areas for their shoe bags, coats in colder weather and water bottles.


NO DANCE BAGS will be allowed into the studio. We will provide ziplock baggies clearly labeled with dancer’s names for their shoes the first day. ALL shoes will be kept after dancers are finished with class and stored by class or level in storage boxes.


We ask that dancers must leave all Fitbits and Apple Watches home. They are a distraction when worn in class and will be asked to take them off if worn to class.


Dancers will be asked to wash their hands before class begins.


  • At the end of classes:

Please be on time for pick up as we must disinfect each room before the next class enters. If running late please text Miss Dody at (203) 417-4355


Pre Dance Classes, Basic Dance Classes, Combination Classes, and

Level 1-2 dancers will be dismissed maintaining social distance. Dancers

will be called out as we see the parent/guardian picking up in the parking lot.


Level 3-6 dancers will be dismissed to the parking lot for pick up

maintaining social distance.


  • Tuition payments:

Please note all tuition is due between the first and tenth of each month.

Payments can be made by handing it to the staff member taking health

forms and temperatures when dropping off your dancer. Also, payments

can be dropped off in the USPS mailbox. The USPS mailboxes cannot

be seen from the front parking lot, they are located behind the bushes on the carwash side of the parking lot.


Again, it may be a different season than we are all use to, but the staff and I are committed to your dancers learning, engaging, and most importantly HAVING FUN! Together we will get through this.



Miss Dody & Staff


Zoom classes are only reserved for those who have been or have family that were exposed or test positive to Covid-19. Contact Miss Dody at least 24 hours before class to discuss.