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2022-2023 Registration Form

2022-2023 Payment Information



  • Tuition is payable the first lesson of each month. A late fee of $20.00 will be charged for any account received after the tenth of each month in which it is due. If this past due amount is not received by the first of the next month an additional $20.00 will be charged, etc. (see the office for more details). Please note May tuition may have a different due date.​

  • The season has at least 30 weeks of classes. These 30 weeks are divided into monthly payments. Payments are September – June and are due between the 1st and 10th of each month with the exception of May tuition is due by May 5th.​

  • Registration fees are due at time of registration with the last month’s tuition (June). These fees are non-refundable.


  • A service fee will be applied to credit card charges. These service fees are subject to change as the fees vary.


  • Any student whose account is two or more months past due may not be allowed to participate in class until the account becomes current.


  • Parents/Guardians must notify the office on or before November 1st if the student is not able to participate in the recital, so a costume will not be ordered.


  • If a student leaves a class or the studio after November 1st, the family will remain responsible for payment of the costume(s), and any tuition up to that date of notification.

  • Year in Full payments are not refunded after October 30th.


  • Students will receive costumes in the Spring, provided all fees, up to and including that month’s tuition are paid.


  • There are no refunds or returns on costumes.


  • If a student drops class after December 31st, tuition thru the end of the season is due in full.


  • There will be a $35.00 charge for returned checks. If 2 checks are returned per season, we will then require remaining payment be made by cash or credit card only.


  • Payments made over the phone are not accepted.


  • Dance Dimensions legal business entity is as a dance studio, not a daycare facility. We will not release the tax identification number, as your tuition payments are not deductible for tax purposes.

  • Any items left at the studio will be donated after 3 months.


  • Year In Full Payments

       10% discount if tuition and costumes for the season (10 months), is paid in full by September 15th.


        Payment in full must include end of season costume payments. Discounts do not apply to these costumes.

        There are no refunds for the Year in Full Payment after October 30th.


        If interested, please check off the box at the bottom of your registration form. The registration fee and last       

        month tuition is still due with the registration form. A statement and contract will be sent as soon as ]     

        registration and fees are received. 



2022-2023 Monthly Tuition Rates

(Rates are per month, per student)

 Tuition Rates for Pre-Dance, Basic Dance,

Dancing Darlings, Combination Class, Levels 1-6             Tuition Rates for Ballet Students in Level 4, 5 & 6                  Tuition Fees paid by cash/check:                                       Tuition Fees paid by cash/check:   

1 class per week         $65.00   per month                          2 Ballet classes only                            $183.00

2 classes per week     $126.00 per month                          2 Ballet classes + 1 other class           $235.00

3 classes per week     $180.00 per month                          2 Ballet classes + 2 other classes      $285.00  

4 classes per week     $232.00 per month                         2 Ballet classes + 3 other classes       $331.00

5 classes per week     $280.00 per month                         2 Ballet classes + 4 other classes       $373.00

6 classes per week     $324.00 per month                         2 Ballet classes + 5 other classes       $411.00

7 classes per week     $364.00 per month                             


Dancing Darlings & Dudes $57.00 per month                                  

Combination Class, ages 6-7 $97.50 per month                         


Payments can be made by Credit Card. There is an additional service fee that will be charged. These fees are subject to change, as service fees vary.


Recital Costume Fees

One costume per class is a required purchase.

Please note fees DO NOT INCLUDE the required tights or shoes.    


Child size costume $78.00 per costume/per class 

Combination class $85.00 per class

Adult costume $88.00 per costume/per class


Registration Fees

$50.00 for NEW students.

$50.00 for returning students if received / postmarked BEFORE June 1, 2022

$60.00 for returning students if received / postmarked AFTER June 1, 2022



Please note any refunds made are done after the 15th of the month following the request.

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